Virgin Mobile 3G

Virgin Mobile 3G Virgin Mobile is now available in CDMA and GSM formats. Virgin Mobile wants their customers to enjoy brilliant service and quality.

Virgin Mobile was introduced in the year 2008 and is in partnership with Tata Docomo. Virgin Mobile as an MNC has a very young consumer base and manages to provide unique benefits to them. Virgin Mobile was introduced to break the clutter as many brands focused on providing the same features to all their subscribers.

Virgin Mobile also offers its prepaid customers the option of recharging their prepaid mobile phone online. Virgin Mobile is in collaboration with Tata Docomo. Hence it only offers GPRS plans and not 3G plans. To understand the high speed GPRS plans you can follow the below mentioned steps.

· Log onto

· Select GPRS from the Product wagon column or log onto

· Virgin Mobile GPRS offers lifestyle & infotainement, music, vbytes, games & applications, social networks and many more

· Dial 121 to set the default GPRS settings on your mobile phone

· To request for GPRS via SMS send short codes like VMMS/ VBYTES/ VINTERNET to 58476

· To learn about various 3G plans and tariffs browse through

· There are two best ways of opting for GPRS. Choose a plan that offers you a fixed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plan

· To activate this plan all you need to do is send an SMS or visit your nearest Virgin mobile dealer

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